Formalin Is A Toxic Substance, Beware Of Its Existence At Home

Formalin can cause dizziness, coughing, skin irritation, risk of cancer, and worse, death. Besides being inhaled through the air, a person can be exposed to formalin from food and drinks. Short-term exposure to physical contact with formalin can cause skin and eye irritation. In addition, formaldehyde is suspected to be a carcinogen, which can cause cancer, especially on long-term exposure. What Is Formalin? Formalin is a chemical gas that has a pungent and colorless odor. Formalin is commonly used in wood that is used to make household furniture, such as wardrobes, beds, or walls. Therefore, homes can be the highest levels of formaldehyde exposure, especially those that have just been built or recently renovated. Formalin is also used as a household cleaning product and preservative of tissue samples in the laboratory. In addition, formalin is also found in cigarette smoke. Impact of Formalin for Health Apart from those mentioned earlier, there are still various negative effe
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